Big Night Slots

Big Night Slots is definitely a game, with lots of features like expanding wilds, bonus rounds and free spins that appeal to all kinds of players regardless of the device they use. Again Wager Gaming Technology has delivered a 5 reel video slot game with top notch graphics. Big Night Slots transports you to the glitz and glamour of an awards show on the carpet. This WGS game features animations, striking visuals and authentic sound effects making the gameplay more enjoyable. With its elements like scatters and bonus rounds Big Night Slots promises an entertaining experience.

Meet Big Night

In the city of Las Vegas during award season players will find themselves amidst a stage setup, a dazzling runway and an eager audience awaiting the announcement of the Best Actor award recipient. The festivities kick off with a DJ setting the mood right. The title shines brightly in six letters while classic card symbols light up the slot in a cascade of lights. Simply follow the games guidelines to dive into this thrilling experience. For comprehension and enhanced gameplay satisfaction delving into tips, on winning slots is very highly recommended.

Big Night also provides a very good feature where users can set the reels to spin automatically similar, to slot machines found online.

Appearance and the games theme

The games theme is distinctive and visually appealing centered around a vibrant slot night ambiance with lights, lively music and an exciting atmosphere. The energetic background music adds to the experience creating a yet very thrilling vibe.

Symbols in Big Night

Big Night is a a very good game thats very inspired by the very popular Grammy Awards. Players aim to transform a car into a very lovely limousine and predict the winner of the Best Actor Award. While the very good visuals capture the essence of glamour they might lack some sharpness or star quality as suggested by the theme. The audio adds very glitz. May not elevate excitement levels significantly. Various symbols in the game contribute to its theme each, with values. Some triggering special features and others offering very good higher payouts.

Betting Choices for you

The slot game features 25 payout lines. Allows for a range of bets starting from 1 cent, up to $125 per spin. This means players can very enjoy the game regardless of their bankroll size. With volatility the risk involved is to be very moderate. The very big potential rewards are also fair. It's worth trying betting strategies. From low to the highers stakes. To see how things unfold over in the very nice game. The maximum win potential for you is a very nice 250,000 times your bet per payout line.

In Big Night Slots you'll to be seeing a symbol of a very lovely and nice limousine that to goes upon the fourth reel. Additionally there are two scatter symbols in the game. Aligning the limo horizontally can lead it to expand onto the reel and offer payouts. The scatter symbol appears on reels two until through five. Landing three of them there triggers 10 spins where all yours prizes are doubled. Among the very good symbols the Champagnes Bottle holds value while theres the number 9 is less rewarding.

Get your Award Trophy

One very ninotable feature, in Big Night is the Award Trophy scatter symbol.

It only shows itself up on the second and fourth reel. When you collect all three rewards you'll activate the Bonus Feature.You'll be finding that it was, during this very good feature that Big Night truly shined with an quite rewarding feature. In the Bonus Round there are five nominees, for actor. If you choose the one you'll win a prize. Even if your selection is to be incorrect you'll still receive a very good consolation prize. The Bonus Round can be triggered by you with the free spins. In this case the prizes won't to be double.